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  • AUG 5, 2022
  • Nova
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Best known as lead singer of emo/post-hardcore group Citizen, Mat Kerekes went on to make pop-minded indie rock with his band the Flats and released more intimate material as a soloist. After Citizen landed on the Billboard 200 with their debut, 2013's Youth, the Flats and solo Kerekes made their recording debuts in 2014. Moving on from the spare, acoustic character of the 2015 collection 2011-2014, his later solo albums, including 2019's brighter Ruby as well as 2020's Amber Park and Songs for Breanne, featured full band arrangements. Along with his continued work with Citizen, Kerekes paired with Turnstile's Daniel Fang for 2022's Nova.

Lambertville, MI, United States of America
April 22, 1994