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About Maryanne Amacher

Modern American composer Maryanne Amacher has almost exclusively created huge multimedia installations from the '70s through (at least) the close of the '90s. Amacher's installments combine sculpture and layers of loud sound and low, resonating tones. She has developed her craft mainly in Europe, by experimenting with the acoustics of varying architectural spaces. In 1993, Amacher became the first Rosekrans Artist in Residence at Mills College. She has toured with Merce Cunningham collaborator David Behrman, teamed with Mark Trayle on the Capp Street Project in San Francisco (1985), and worked with composer Alvin Curran. In 1999, the Tzadik label released a recording of pieces that Amacher chose for CD, entitled Sound Characters (making the third ear). ~ Joslyn Layne

Kates, PA
Feb 25, 1943

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