Marvylus - Top Songs

Flexxxin' (feat. Marvylus)
Goku Black (feat. Yoshi Thompkins)
Fasho (feat. Rich Wave)
Bitch I'm Straight
Tryna Get Rich (feat. Marvylus)
Go Like Me
The Devil Is No One to Mess With
Unnamed Song
Why They Call Me Marvylus
Run It Up
I Did Not Wana Do It Freestlye
Everybody Wana Be a Gangsta Prequel
Throw It Back Freestyle
I Don't Belive in an End
Riding Around
Puttin' in That Work Freestyle (feat. Grandmastaskunk)
Let It Go (feat. Grandmastaskunk)
A Marvylus Death
Way Too Much
Girl I Need Yo Body Freestyle
Hip Hop Plus (feat. Marvylus)
Like She Post To
Nikes Polos Jeans
Whip It Up
Stan Lee Freestyle
Pay Me
U Kno Wat
Priceless Soul Interlude
What It Do