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Mark Isham

Mark Isham

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Trained as a classical musician, Mark Isham began his professional career in the 1970s as a studio musician (trumpet and synth) for such notable acts as the Beach Boys and Joni Mitchell. By the '80s, Isham found his definitive path as both a solo artist and a film composer. His Windham Hill releases are reflective and melodic, residing at the crossroads where new age, ambient, and jazz meet. Similarly, his many film and television scores, which garnered several Academy Award and Golden Globes nominations, are recognized for their compositional power and intelligent orchestrations. Aside from scoring, Isham continued to explore other creative projects, including 1999's Miles Remembered: The Silent Way Project and contributing to albums like Brian Wilson's No Pier Pressure and Stanley Clarke's The Message.

    New York, NY
  • BORN
    September 7, 1951

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