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Mariel was born in Huntington, NY, but later moved to Philadelphia. She began studying music at the tender age of six, proving her talents on both the piano and flute. When she turned 14, her interest sifted to guitar and synthesizers. Two years later, Mariel joined her first band, where she served as keyboardist. Around that time, she added voice lessons to her growing list of musical accomplishments. By 18, she was using that new vocal training to front local bands. In 1996, Mariel finished recording her solo debut, Mood Swings. The album was released under the Wolfe Records label and carries original pop tracks like "Under the Influence," "Thou Shall Not Lie," and "Mind Games." Mariel followed up with a sophomore album in 1998, titled Starry Eyes. Her voice and song stylings found her being compared to artists like Jewel, Annie Lennox, and Stevie Nicks. A year later, with the release of The Darkest Angel, the talented artist finally began to gain notice from many in the music world. "In Between Days," one of the tracks from the third album, won her a spot in the Top 40 charts for adult contemporary music. After the success of The Darkest Angel, Mariel went to work recording a brand new offering, Fragments of a Dream, released in early 2001 under the Aerial Sounds Records label. The album showcases tunes like "Love Fades Away" and "Cruel Scorpio," numbers that are sure to earn her a new batch of fans. ~ Charlotte Dillon

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