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About Marcello Sebastiani Fourtet

Marcello Sebastiani is a multi faceted bass player whose musical development has led him to jazz at a relatively late stage. After an initial involvement in progressive rock groups, at the beginning of the '70s Sebastiani switched to classical and chamber music and to the double bass. His interest in jazz, awakened by traditional players like Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, Bix Beiderbeck, Duke Ellington and Errol Garner, prevailed in the mid '70s. Since then he has played with Garrison Fewell, Badal Roy, Sageer Kahn and Karl Potter. A versatile author whose compositions range from post bop tunes to experimental and impressionistic music, Sebastiani has an earthy well rounded sound. He can propel the music with incisive walking lines, play long articulated solos or paint ethereal soundscapes. His first two albums Suite & Songs and Miniatures feature his partner, harpist Antonella Angelozzi, whose playing at times lends a New Agey twist to his music.

Miglianico, Chieti, Abruzzo, Ital
Oct 31, 1955