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Accordionist, singer, and songwriter Marc Pircher is a popular volkstümliche musik artist from the Zillertal region of Tyrol, Austria. In 2006 he enjoyed a phenomenal hit, "7 Sünden," in conjunction with supreme hitmaker DJ Ötzi, also of Tyrol. The song charted for a half-year and peaked at number two in Austria while also becoming a hit in Germany, where it peaked at number 30 on the singles chart. On his own, Pircher won the Grand Prix der Volksmusik in 2003 with his self-written "Hey Diandl, Spürst Es So Wie I."
Born on April 22, 1978, Pircher began performing as an accordionist at a young age. The first major highlight of his career came in 1999 when he competed impressively in the Grand Prix der Volksmusik competition. His song "Ich Bin für Dich Da" placed first among the Austrian entries and placed sixth overall. Though it wasn't his first album release, Feierabend in den Bergen (2001) was his first to chart nationally, peaking at number 67. His next few albums -- Weihnachten mit Marc Pircher (2001), Ich Bin So Treu Wie Meine Berge (2002), and Von Herzen für Dich (2003) -- failed to chart, but the latter did feature the Grand Prix der Volksmusik-winning song "Hey Diandl, Spürst Es So Wie I."
In the wake of his 2003 Grand Prix der Volksmusik win, Pircher returned to the Austrian albums chart with his next album, Sieben Sünden (2004). The title track of this album is a different version than the Eurodance-infused remake popularized in conjuction with DJ Ötzi in 2006. Zum Nordpol und Zurück (2005) and Ich War Nie ein Casanova (2006) continued to mark Pircher's rising popularity, charting at number 29 and 24, respectively. A couple months after the release of Ich War Nie ein Casanova, Pircher released the DJ Ötzi remake of "Sieben Sünden," now titled "7 Sünden." The song became a phenomenal hit, charting for a half-year and peaking at number two in Austria while also becoming a hit in Germany, where it peaked at number 30 on the singles chart.
The mainstream breakthrough success of "7 Sünden" considerably increased the popularity of Pircher, who released a career-spanning DVD, 15 Jahre, in 2007. His subsequent album release, Du Bist Eine Sünde Wert (2007), was his first to break the Top Ten, while Durch die Nacht -- Nur mit Dir (2008), featuring a duet with Francine Jordi on the title track, broke the Top Three. ~ Jason Birchmeier

  • BORN
    April 22, 1978

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