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About Manzanita

José Ortega Heredia, known as Manzanita (little apple), was raised in the bosom of a family proud of their gypsy heritage. Troubadour Rafael Ortega García and dancer Trinidad Heredia Jiménez influenced their son to get involved in the rhumba and flamenco scene.

In the early '70s, Amador Losada, Miguel Losada, and Alfonso Gabarre joined him to assemble a traditional flamenco band called Los Chorbos. Their debut came in 1974 with Sonido Cañorroto. However, Manzanita began experimenting with local rhythms in 1978. That same year, he decided to take the first step of his successful solo career with the release of Poco Ruido y Mucho Duende. ~ Drago Bonacich