Maldita Nerea
Maldita Nerea

Maldita Nerea

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Formed in Murcia, Spain in 2003, Maldita Nerea were led by Jorge Ruiz and featured Jordi Armengol, Luis Gomez, Tato Latorre, Pedro Carrillo, and Sergio Moriera. The group landed a major-label deal (with Universal) soon after formation, and in 2003 released Cuarto Creciente. A follow-up, El Secreto de las Tortugas, followed in 2007, and in 2009 Es un Secreto... hit the streets. The group had its biggest success in 2010, scoring two number one singles, "Cosas Que Suenan A..." and "El Secreto de las Tortugas."

    Murcia, Spain

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