Madrid de los Austrias

About Madrid de los Austrias

Though based in Vienna, Madrid de Los Austrias channel the lively flamenco sounds of Spain for their recordings, creating a seemingly organic yet considerably electronic style of downbeat dance music. Comprised of Heinz Tronigger and Pogo -- the former well-known as the founder of Sunshine Enterprises and also as a DJ; the latter (born Michael Kreiner) a gifted instrumentalist quietly known as an in-demand studio musician throughout Austria -- the duo debuted with two style-defining singles, "Dove Estuta" and "Ole." Following the staggering success of these singles in 2000, the duo returned to the studio and emerged with the four-track Sport EP as preparation for its forthcoming full-length debut album, Amor. Originally released in May 2001 on Sunshine, and later given a stateside release in October 2002 courtesy of Run Recordings, the 12-track album included Madrid de Los Austrias' previously released work as well as several new recordings, perfectly summarizing the duo's output to date. Additionally, beyond original productions, Tronigger and Pogo collaborated on a few remix projects with fellow Viennese Richard Dorfmeister during roughly this same time: Zero 7's "In the Waiting Line," Koop's "Relaxin' at Club F****n," and also Willie Bobo's "Spanish Grease," this latter remix for the Verve Remixed collection. ~ Jason Birchmeier

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