Müslüm Gürses
Müslüm Gürses

Müslüm Gürses

About Müslüm Gürses

One of Turkey’s most beloved artists, singer/actor Müslüm Gürses helped popularize a form of traditional folk music called arabesque.

∙ At age 16, Gürses landed his first hit with the 1969 single “Sevda Yüklü Kervanlar,” which sold over 300,000 copies.
∙ He went pop with 2006’s Aşk Tesadüfleri Sever, a collaboration with writer Murathan Mungan that included covers of songs by such artists as Bob Dylan and David Bowie.
∙ After he starred in nearly 40 films (singing in most of them), the camera turned on him in 2018 with the award-winning biopic Müslüm, which traced his childhood and four-decade career.

    Sanliurfa, Turkey
  • BORN
    May 7, 1953

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