Luzmila Carpio
Luzmila Carpio

Luzmila Carpio

About Luzmila Carpio

Bolivian singer Luzmila Carpio was born in the small rural village of Qala Qala in 1949. Growing up in the Northern Potosi region, she learned the language and songs of the native Quechua people and began to develop her unique voice at a young age. Carpio's unusually high, almost flute-like voice was first documented on a 1969 recording by Los Provincianos and, soon after, she began to dedicate herself to writing and recording primarily in her native language, becoming a sort of artistic and cultural activist for the Quechua people. Her music is characterized by the Quechuas' deep relationship with the Earth and nature. ~ Timothy Monger

    Qala-Qala, Bolivia
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