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Pop-punk act Lustra formed in Boston in 1996 under the name Seventeen. The initial lineup of Chris Baird on drums and vocals, Nick Cloutman on bass and vocals, Jon Baird on rhythm guitar, and Jason Adams on lead guitar recorded their debut album, Breakfast at Tammy's, in 1998. Following a lineup shuffle that moved Chris Baird to bass and Cloutman to guitar while introducing new drummer Bruce Fulford, Seventeen recorded the 1999 EP Ransom Your Handsome and the 2000 album Bikini Pie Fight!, co-produced by Ron St. Germain (Sonic Youth) and Scott Riebling (Letters to Cleo).

Several major changes occurred following the release of Bikini Pie Fight!: Jon Baird left the band, the band moved from Boston to Los Angeles, and following a steadily increasing level of legal harassment from Seventeen magazine, the newly configured four-piece changed their name to Lustra in 2001, releasing their first album under that name in 2003. The following year, Lustra appeared in the 2004 frat boy comedy Euro Trip, performing their original song "Scotty Doesn't Know" in a scene that features fellow Bostonian Matt Damon in a cameo as the band's lead singer. Following up on the wider visibility afforded by the movie was complicated by Adams and Fulford leaving the band, eventually replaced by guitarist Travis Lee and drummer Phil Matthews. The revived Lustra returned with Left for Dead (including "Scotty Doesn't Know") in 2006. ~ Stewart Mason

Boston, MA

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