Lowell Fulsom

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One of the founding fathers of West Coast blues, Lowell Fulson blended the rural blues of Texas with the modern sounds of urban California. Fulson began his career backing country blues vocalist Alger "Texas" Alexander in the late-'30s. After World War II, Fulson recorded for several labels before scoring a hit with "Every Day I Have The Blues" in 1950, on the Swing Time label. At that time his 12-piece orchestra included a young Ray Charles and Stanley Turrentine. He recorded "Reconsider Baby" for Checker Records, in 1954. It was later covered by Elvis Presley and became a blues standard. In the early-'60s he moved to Kent Records, recording in a more contemporary and commercial soul-blues vein, scoring hits with "Black Nights" in 1965 and "Tramp" a year later.

    Tulsa, OK
  • BORN
    March 31, 1921

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