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Love Psychedelico—known as Delico to their fans—is a Japanese duo whose sound pulls heavily from classic British and American rock of the ’60s and ’70s.

∙ Core members Naoki Sato and Kumi formed the group, originally called Psychedelic Orchestra, in 1997 while attending college together in Tokyo.
∙ After gaining a record deal by sending their demos to a local radio station, Delico released their first album, 2001’s ironically titled The Greatest Hits, which sold more than 2 million copies.
∙ In 2008, they released their first LP in the US, This Is Love Psychedelico, a compilation of songs from their first three albums.
∙ They were a featured artist on NPR’s Second Stage, which highlighted the song “Standing Bird.”
∙ They named their Golden Grapefruit studio to honor Yoko Ono, who interviewed them on Japanese TV and worked with them on the annual Dream Power John Lennon Super Live concerts.
∙ Their song “Freedom” was used as the theme for Major League Baseball broadcasts on Japan’s NHK television network.

    Tokyo, Japan

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