About Los Niños De Sara

Along with vocalist Ishtar, the four members of Los Ninos de Sara recorded as the critically acclaimed Alabína, a group that wed Middle Eastern vocals with a decidedly flamenco gypsy groove. Los Ninos actually predate the success of Alabína though, and the project is as much a family tree as a musical one. All four members of Los Ninos de Sara — guitarist/vocalist Tonio, guitarists Santi and Ramon, and percussionist Coco — are cousins who each grew up playing music. Both Tonio and Ramon have played professionally since they were very young (ten and six respectively) and Santi is a graduate of the Barcelona Academy of Music. Before joining Ishtar in Alabína, Los Ninos de Sara backed some of the greatest names in flamenco, including Manitas de Plata and Paco de Lucía. Their debut release, Cubanita, was issued in France in 2001 and featured producer/collaborator Michael Sembello. The next year they issued Gipsyole! in Europe, and in 2003 the album saw a release in the U.S. on the Intentcity label.

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