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About Los Hermanos

Los Hermanos are a Brazilian rock band that exploded in the top hit parades throughout the country with "Anna Julia" (1999). Contrasting with the aggressiveness of their music, their lyrics deal with love in an adolescent way. The group was formed in 1997 by Marcelo Camelo (vocals/guitar), Rodrigo Amarante (flute/vocals), Patrick Laplan (bass), Rodrigo Barba (drums), and Bruno Metuna (keyboards). They recorded two demo tapes (with Amor and Folia in January 1998 and Chora in September 1998) that were copied by their nascent fan club. The media became interested in their work and several interviews soon followed. One of their demo tapes was sent to Paulo André, producer of the Abril Pro Rock Festival in Recife PE; André then invited them to participate in the Superdemo, Rio's biggest alternative music festival. Declared the revelation of the festival, they soon recorded their first album, 1999's Los Hermanos, which included their "Anna Julia" hit. ~ Alvaro Neder