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About Los Hermanos Banda

Los Hermanos Banda, also known as Los Hermanos Banda de Salamanca or Los Hermanos Banda Salamanca, is a regional Mexican music quartet about which unfortunately very little has been documented. The group presumably hails from Salamanca, an industrial city of roughly 150,000 in the Mexican state of Guanajuato; the surrounding municipality, also known as Salamanca, is significantly larger, encompassing roughly 250,000 people. Los Hermanos Banda are the subject of numerous 21st century budget-line compilations, many of them released by Sony BMG. The history of Los Hermanos Banda goes back much further; however, much like the group's biography, discographical information is scarce. The group's music is traditional in nature, for instance featuring plenty of Corridos y Rancheras, to quote the title of a 2002 Sony Discos compilation. ~ Jason Birchmeier