Los Ángeles Negros
Los Ángeles Negros

Los Ángeles Negros

About Los Ángeles Negros

Formed by Germaín de la Fuente, Mario Gutiérrez, Cristian Blasser, Federico Blasser, and Sergio Rojas in 1968, los Ángeles Negros had the opportunity to make their first record, called "¿Por Qué Te Quiero?," after winning a contest organized by a Chilean radio station. During the 1970s, their romantic ballads "Y Volveré," "Pasión y Vida," and "Mi Niña" became chart-toppers all over Latin America. Los Ángeles Negros settled in Mexico in 1982. Germaín y sus Ángeles Negros emerged after their original singer decided to leave to start his solo career. ~ Drago Bonacich

    San Carlos, Chile

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