If you’re looking to get a tailgate party started, look no further than punchy country-pop duo LOCASH. Originating in Nashville in 2004 as the LoCash Cowboys, songwriters Chris Lucas and Preston Brust released a self-titled album in 2008 (rereleased in 2013) that established a radio-ready sound that mixed elements of bro country with hard rock, pop, and traditionalist twang. They also took some time during those years to pen a couple of big tunes for heavy hitters—Tim McGraw’s 2012 hard-rock anthem “Truck Yeah” and Keith Urban’s riotous 2011 love song “You Gonna Fly.” In 2015, they rebranded as LOCASH and scored their first Top 10 hit with “I Love This Life,” the lead single from The Fighters and a banjo-riddled banger that celebrates country living. The song’s triumphant vibe is a defining mood for the LOCASH boys; 2019’s Brothers pumped things up with singles including the clap-along blast “Feels Like a Party” and “One Big Country Song,” which begins with the thesis statement, “Life is like a jukebox, just push play.” Their 2020 single “Cloud of Dust,” a banjo-heavy collaboration with infamous party animals and football royalty The Gronkowski Brothers, kicks off with a chant of “Chug! Chug! Chug!,” indicating the tailgate jams aren’t likely to end anytime soon.

    Nashville, TN

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