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Named after an opinion poll conducted by a teen magazine, LMNT is a reference to the four basic substances of the universe coexisting in harmony: earth, wind, fire, and water. Formed by finalists of the ABC reality show Making the Band, LMNT's original members teamed up with producer Matthew Morrison to became involved in the dance-pop music scene. Hawaiian Ikaika Kahoano (born 1978), who was previously singing along with his younger brother, joined former gospel singer and marketing student from Santa Barbara, CA, Bryan Chan (born 1974), and Cuban/Jamaican descendant from Hackensack, NJ, Mike Miller (born 1980). Their fourth member, Matt Morrison, was later replaced by Jonas Persch, a native of Salt Lake City, UT. LMNT debuted with the release of a single called "Juliet" in November 2001. Their debut, All Sides, appeared on Atlantic the following summer. ~ Drago Bonacich