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LM.C (short for "Lovely-Mocochang.Com" and not to be confused with British Eurodance trio LMC) are a duo composed of Aiji from Pierrot and Maya, the guitarist of Ishihara Gundan, Miyavi's live band. Maya founded LM.C in 2003 with a little help from his friends, but the band really got off the ground only when Aiji joined him in 2006 after Pierrot disbanded, taking the position of guitarist and allowing Maya to concentrate on singing. The new band was quick to score in Japan and abroad with its smart brand of dance-rock sporting the sprawling label of "new century electrock," courtesy of the bandmembers. Pony Canyon signed them in 2006, and soon released their debut pair of singles, Trailers (Gold) and Trailers (Silver) (both 2006). LM.C did a lot of touring in 2007, including a stint at the famous Shibuya-AX venue, and in 2008, released the EP Super Glitter Loud Box as well as four more singles, one of which, "Oh My Juliet," was linked to the anime series Red Garden, while "Boys & Girls" was featured in the anime Reborn! LM.C returned to Reborn! in 2008 with another single, 88 (no relation to a Western neo-fascist abbreviation), following it by re-releasing their EP as the full-length album Super Glitter Loud Box (2008) and launching their first world tour, during which they debuted in the U.S. at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles. LM.C managed to slip another album, Gimmical Impact!, into their 2008 schedule, and in early 2009, they toured Europe and even visited South America, a rare destination for Japanese bands. ~ Alexey Eremenko