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Liquid G. (short for Liquid Garbage) is a Belgian electro-industrial project helmed by Peter Van Bogaert, aka Peter Punk. Active since 1987, the majority of the project's music has been released via Van Bogaert's own Liquid Produkts label, usually in the form of limited self-made cassettes and CD-Rs. Liquid G.'s music typically consists of driving electronic beats, sequenced rhythms, and distorted vocals expressing social and political paranoia. The project has always maintained a D.I.Y. ethos and punk attitude since its inception, ignoring trends and staying true to its original sound. Liquid G. began issuing cassettes and appearing on compilations in 1987. Van Bogaert began performing live gigs at clubs in Belgium, eventually appearing at various goth and EBM festivals. He collaborated with Vomito Negro for a cassette in 1989, and formed some side projects (SubsecTion 1!, Hydrom Line) in the early '90s. Liquid G. went on hiatus in 1997 and re-emerged in 2005, with vocalist/synthesizer player Kim De Laet joining Liquid G. from 2008 to 2014. During this time, while continuing to issue CD-Rs and digital albums on Liquid Produkts, Liquid G. also released Biohazard & Medical Waste (2011) and Overdose (2013) on Italian label EK Product. In 2015, American label Dark Entries released Liquidation, a compilation LP of tracks taken from Liquid G.'s earliest cassette albums from the late '80s. ~ Paul Simpson

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