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About Linda Guilala

Spanish indie pop act Linda Guilala (named after the Godzilla-like monster at the center of the Japanese film The X from Outer Space) mix elements of sweet, energetic synth pop with loud, hazy guitars more common to shoegaze and dream pop. They were founded by Iván González and Eva M. López, both former members of the more punk-influenced band Juniper Moon. Linda Guilala officially came into being in 2005, after Juniper Moon disbanded, and the duo wasted no time in recording a handful of demos. Several of these songs found their way onto a number of Spanish radio stations over the next few years, notably on Spain's Radio 3 and the U.K.'s Radio Nowhere. Linda Guilala's debut full-length, Bucles Infinitos (Infinite Loops), was released on Elefant Records in 2009. Two years later, the duo returned with Paranormal, an EP containing four poppy songs about the supernatural. Guitarist Bruno Mosquera joined Linda Guilala for their 2014 EP Xeristar, which took their sound into a darker, noisier realm while still remaining upbeat and catchy. In 2016, the group released its most ambitious and experimental album yet, the 20-track Psiconáutica. ~ Margaret Reges & Paul Simpson

Vigo, Spain

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