Lil Gnar
Lil Gnar

Lil Gnar

About Lil Gnar

Skateboarder-turned-rapper GNAR kickflipped his way into the music industry with his endlessly energetic songs.

• GNAR took up skateboarding when he was 13, after his older half-brother stole a board from a neighborhood kid. He created his own line of skating clothes at 18.
• He began freestyling as a teen and was inspired by a friend named Germ to take it seriously.
• His second-ever song, 2017’s “Ride with the Fye,” went viral and amassed millions of streams.
• The following year, he signed with Capitol Records and released his debut mixtape, GNAR Lif3.
• In 2019, he released his sophomore project, Fire Hazard, featuring YBN Nahmir, Lil Yachty, and more.

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