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About Lightning In A Twilight Hour

Bobby Wratten was a founding member of the influential indie pop Field Mice in the late '80s, spending many years writing, playing, and singing sad songs about love won and lost. When that band folded, he went on to Northern Picture Library and Trembling Blue Stars, continuing on in much the same vein. After the latter band folded in 2010, Wratten took some time to regroup before starting his next project, Lightning in a Twilight Hour, in 2014. Working with longtime producer Ian Catt, Field Mice bassist Michael Hiscock, Trembling Blue Stars vocalist Beth Arzy, and Field Mice/Northern Picture Library vocalist (and inspiration for many of Wratten's songs) Anne Mari Barker-Davies, it's easy to understand why Lightning in a Twilight Hour shared many sonic similarities to Wratten's previous projects. Hooking up with Spanish label Elefant, the band released a single, "The Memory Museum," in late 2014, which was followed by an EP, Slow Changes, then an LP, Fragments of a Former Moon, during the first part of 2015. ~ Tim Sendra

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