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Peruvian pop star, actress, and model Leslie Shaw began her musical solo career with a definite rock focus, but she eventually embraced Latin EDM and reggaeton. For a while, she was simply known as Shaw, and was most well-known for representing her country at 2011's Viña del Mar International Song Festival in Chile. There, she performed the pop-punk title track of her debut album from the previous year, Destrozado y Sin Control, earning the runner-up spot. As her career progressed, she increasingly explored electronic music, always through a pop filter, while simultaneously furthering her TV and film calling. By 2016, her music was being distributed by Sony, and after numerous collaborations with like-minded artists, she caused a minor splash internationally with her 2020 EP Yo Soy Leslie Shaw. Born in Lima in 1989, Shaw's first professional break came in 2008 when she released a single, "Signos," as part of her hometown Latin pop quartet, Glow. She was soon taken under the wing of Latin Grammy-winning producer Francisco Murias, who worked with Shaw on material that would ultimately form her 2010 debut album. Destrozado y Sin Control flitted between heavy rock, torch ballads, and punkish efforts, setting catchy, indelible melodies to the forefront, and was issued on Murias' FMO Music Studio label. With the jump in profile afforded by her appearance the following year at Viña del Mar, "Destrozado y Sin Control" reached number 19 in the Peruvian charts. Also in 2011 came Shaw's extended run in the reality TV dancing competition El Gran Show. By this point, she was starting to flirt with using her full name, Leslie Shaw, as a performing moniker, instead of simply going by her surname. Other than 2015's ballad "Siempre Más Fuerte" -- her final single under Murias' watch -- most of her output from then on was labeled so, and her earlier releases were later rebadged in this way. It was 2012's pair of singles, "No Me Verás Llorar" and "Que Esto No Pare," that most clearly signaled her shift from rock to EDM. In 2013, she starred in Cementario General, Peru's first full-length horror film, going on to appear in its 2015 sequel as well as many other features. The upbeat reggae pop of Oct 2016's "Decide" marked her first appearance under the Sony Music Latin umbrella, and was swiftly followed by January 2017's "Loco," later released in a trap version as the summer approached. A prolific run of collaborations then followed -- many dipping into reggaeton in style -- over the course of several years, with a veritable who's who of the Latin pop scene, including Kapla Y Miky, Lérica, Diana Ela, and Legarda. Most of 2019 was spent teasing advance singles from Shaw's vibrant and provocative Yo Soy Leslie Shaw EP, a release that set her professional identity in stone when it arrived in June 2020. ~ James Wilkinson