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LEGADO 7 embody the sound of Southern California, touting the charms of blithe stoner life through their unique brand of fiery, adrenaline-infused corridos that introduce a new vitality into norteño folk music. The Rancho Humilde act––founded in 2014 by singer Alexander Guerra and accordionist Ramón Ruiz––are part of a new wave of artists reinventing norteño music through more urban sensibilities, such as Apple Music Up Next artist Natanael Cano and Fuerza Regida. Much like those acts, the Orange County-reared group have coined a proprietary term to describe their style: “lumbre corridos” or “blazing corridos,” a not-so-subtle nod to a certain green herb that features prominently in the group’s music. LEGADO 7 make no secret of their affinity for lighting up in songs like 2017’s “De Periódico un Gallito” and “Ojos de Maniaco” (feat. Junior H), as well as in titles like 2018’s Pura Lumbre (or Pure Fire) and 2020’s 4-20-20, earning them an Instagram nod from the blaze master himself, Snoop Dogg. In contrast to narcocorridos, whose themes center on the drug trade and its antiheroes, LEGADO 7’s music is told strictly from the side of the consumer and is appropriately free of the carnage of that genre. But don’t be fooled: the quintet’s music is delivered with similarly testosterone-fueled energy, supercharged by Ruiz’s maniacal accordion-work and José Ramos’ virtuosic 12-string guitar riffs, as exemplified in bangers like 2019’s “Soy de Michoacán” and “Cupcake Quemando.”

Orange County, California, United States of America