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With a sound that craftily mixes from the smooth easy listening of the '50s, sophisticated continental pop of the '60s, and the bands of the '90s like the Cardigans and Stereolab who borrowed liberally from them as well, the French group Le SuperHomard displayed a warm, nostalgic glow on their 2016 debut EP, MapleKey. It landed them a deal with legendary indie pop label Elefant, which released their debut album, Meadow Lane Park, in 2019.
The band is guided by the pop vision of multi-instrumentalist/producer Christophe Vaillant, who in the early 2000s was in the power pop group the Strawberry Smell and later in the decade played in Pony Taylor. In 2015, he started work on Le SuperHomard as a solo venture but soon teamed with his drumming brother, Oliver, and vocalist Pandora Burgess for the project's first record, 2016's MapleKey EP, which was released by labels in Japan, the U.K., and the U.S. Vaillant utilized a combination of guitars and drum machines, vintage synths, and loping bass lines to craft music that showed the influence of classic songwriters like Burt Bacharach, the sonic skills of Brian Wilson, and the post-modern approach of craftspeople like Broadcast and the High Llamas. Vaillant assembled a live band and played shows starting in 2016. After signing with Spanish label Elefant, Vaillant began work on a full-length album with the help of vocalist Julie Big, his brother Oliver, multi-instrumentalist Benoit Pithon and guitarist Rémi Saboul. Recording after hours at the record shop where he worked, Vaillant and co-producer Pithon crafted a sound that was lusher and more intricately arranged than MapleKey, while still following the same musical signposts. After first releasing the SpringTime EP in November 2018, the group's first full-length, Meadow Lane Park, was released in early 2019. ~ Tim Sendra