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Le Matos are a Canadian synthwave group who produce fast-paced, neon-tinted electro tracks equally suited for dancefloors and action flicks. Referring to their music as "outrun" (similar to Kavinsky's 2013 album), their tracks are generally upbeat and glittery, yet avoid kitschiness or irony. Le Matos were founded by Jean-Nicolas Leupi and Jean-Philippe Bernier in Montreal in 2007. They first received blog attention for their remixes of acts such as Delphic, Cœur de Pirate, We Have Band, and Johan Agebjörn. The group released music videos for their songs "88mph" and "58 Minutes Pour Vivre," and their earliest original tracks were collected as the digital album Coming Soon 2007​-​2011. Their proper debut, Join Us, finally arrived in 2013. Featuring additional musicians Vincent Menard and Maxime Dumesnil, as well as a collaboration with Electric Youth, the album was released by Canadian label Girlfriend Records. Le Matos then composed the score to thriller Turbo Kid, which premiered at the Sundance film festival in 2015. The group's second album, Chronicles of the Wasteland, remixed the soundtrack material into dance tracks, and included the single "No Tomorrow," a collaboration with Pawws (singer/songwriter Lucy Taylor). The album was released by Fantôme Records and Death Waltz in late 2015, and the CD edition included the entire Turbo Kid score as its second disc. Death Waltz reissued Join Us on vinyl in late 2016. ~ Paul Simpson

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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