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Long Island pop-punk/post-hardcore hybridists Latterman first got together around 2001, and Turn Up the Punk, We'll Be Singing was self-released by the band a year later. After a hiatus of a year or so Phil Douglas (guitar/vocals), Matt Cannino (bass/vocals), Mike Campbell (guitar), and Pat Schramm (drums) reconvened around new songs they'd written. They signed to North Carolina indie Deep Elm, who released the band's second effort, No Matter Where We Go, in August 2005. (The label also reissued Turn Up the Punk around the same time.) In true D.I.Y. fashion, Latterman's tour in support of their new album included gigs in apartments and kids' basements across the U.S., the U.K., and Europe. The band's rocking third album, ...We Are Still Alive, appeared in late summer 2006; Brian Crozier had also replaced Campbell on guitar by this time. ~ Johnny Loftus

Long Island, NY

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