Last Autumn's Dream - Top Songs

Another Night
I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore
Shadows of the Night
Still Standin' Where Ya Left Me
To Be With You
How Long
Fool's Game
Last Mistake
Heaven & Earth a Requiem To Marcel Jacob
Brand New Life
2nd Look
I've Fallen Into You
Movin' On
Pickin' Up the Pieces
Every Beat of My Heart
Love To Go
Rise an' Shine
See My Baby Jive
The One
For You
One by One
What's On Your Mind
We Never Said Goodbye
The Sound of a Heartbreak
Hold On To My Heart
Heat of Emotion
Lost in Moscow
All I Can Think Of
I Don't Wanna Wait
Silent Dream
The Way You Smile
Is This Just Another Heartache
I Don't Want To Hurt You
Frozen Heart
Don't Let Our Love Go Down