About Lard

Lard is one of several sometime-side projects helmed by the Ministry duo of Al Jourgensen (guitar) and Paul Barker (bass) -- in this case, notably fronted by legendary Dead Kennedys singer Jello Biafra, along with, initially, drummer Jeff Ward. Founded in 1988, Lard was first brought to the public's attention via the following year's The Power of Lard EP, and even more so by 1990's inaugural full-length The Last Temptation of Reid. Both featured a unique blend of industrial and punk, matched with Biafra's typically political lyrics; but the band's already sporadic touring and recording schedule (this was, after all, a side project) was curtailed even further after the shocking suicide of drummer Ward in 1993. Lard wasn't heard from again until 1997's critically acclaimed Pure Chewing Satisfaction LP, and then again in 2000, via the '70s Rock Must Die EP -- both recorded with Ministry mainstay Bill Rieflin on drums. Jourgensen has since stated that Lard still has one final album in them, but just when this will be recorded, and whether Barker will be involved following his 2004 exit from Ministry, remains to be seen. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

    Chicago, IL

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