La Ritirata

About La Ritirata

Deriving its name from the last movement of a quintet by Boccherini, La Ritirata is a Spanish period ensemble that aspires to present Baroque and Rococo music with a balance of aesthetic values and historically informed practices. Formed in the Netherlands in 2008 by cellist Josetxu Obregón, La Ritirata has performed at events around the world, including music festivals in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, and Lithuania, and has visited China, Mexico, Chile, France, and Italy in addition to giving regular concerts in its home base of Madrid and other cities in Spain. Among the group's regular members are recorder player Tamar Lalo, Baroque violinist Enrike Solinís, theorbist Daniel Zapico, and Obregón, who is the artistic director and cellist. In 2018, La Ritirata celebrated its tenth anniversary with a recording on Glossa, Neapolitan Concertos for Various Instruments, and a series of concerts in Madrid, Salzburg, Thuringia, and Ghent. The ensemble won the Culture Prize of the Community of Madrid for Obregón's research and La Ritirata's performances.

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