About L.E.G.O.

Guayaquil-based power pop group L.E.G.O. emerged in the late '90s, quickly rising to become Ecuador's best known rock act. Group members Lenin Vargas (guitar), Edward Mackenzie (guitar), and Rafa Nevárez (drums) wasted no time establishing themselves. Having formed in 1998, the group's debut disc, No Cuesta Nada, was ready for release just one year later. The ironically titled album single "Me Cuesta Tanto" hit number one on national charts almost immediately. L.E.G.O. was crowned "Banda Revelación del Año" shortly thereafter thanks to their meteoric success. The year that followed was packed to the brim with regional touring and the release of their follow-up single "Que Tan Cerca." 2001 found L.E.G.O. continuing to climb in popularity, topping the charts with single "Noche Tras Noche," and taking the stage as part of the Fiora Música de Coca Cola Tour. The band's second full-length disc titled Alta Fidelidad hit shelves in February of 2002. Album single "123 Tequilas" became a soccer anthem throughout Latin America and Asia that year, considerably widening L.E.G.O.'s listening audience. In 2006 the band joined forces with other concerned artists to put on the "Marcha por la Paz y por la Vida" taking place in Guayaquil, culminating in a concert before an audience of 30,000. L.E.G.O.'s third original release, Afecto Digital, was released in 2007. The record was well received throughout the Spanish-speaking world. In addition to heavy radio support, the record gained exposure via MTV. The single "Te Robaré el Amor" became the most requested video on MTV Latinoamérica within ten days of its release. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

    Guayaquil, Ecuador
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