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Kyle Meagher

Kyle Meagher

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A gifted actor and singer, Canada's Kyle Meagher broke through in 2017 appearing on the Netflix drama Anne with an E. From there, he moved into music and issued his 2018 debut single "Nowhere."

Born in Ontario, Canada in 2002, Meagher played hockey growing up, and started acting as a child. Initially, he focused on commercials, including a series of toy promotions for Mattel. At age ten, he went on an open call for a local talent agency where he stood on line for an hour and was about to leave to go to a hockey game when the head of the agency pulled him aside and brought him to the front of the line. He signed with the agency, and soon made his acting debut in the TV movie Northpole. More roles followed, including appearances in shows like Murdoch Mysteries, Odd Squad, and the short film The Big Crunch. In 2017, Meagher's public profile grew after he landed role on the Netflix series Anne with an E. From there, he landed a lead role in the 2018 television drama 7 Hills. Also in 2018, he released his debut single "Nowhere," which entered rotation on the streaming services.

    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • BORN
    August 1, 2002