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German electronic pop band Klee formed in Köln in 1998. Originally founded under the name Ralley, frontwoman Suzie Kerstgens, guitarist Tom Deininger, and keyboardist Sten Servaes adopted the Klee moniker following a brief 2002 hiatus, borrowing the name in honor of expressionist painter Paul Klee as well as its English translation, "clover." With the name change came a stylistic break from the guitar rock of the trio's previous incarnation toward the more melodic, electronic-oriented approach introduced via Klee's 2002 debut effort, Unverwundbar. The lead single, "Remember You," was a minor chart hit, and set the stage for 2004's Jelängerjelieber, which generated the hits "Two Questions" and "Gold," the latter a finalist in the annual Bundevision Song Contest. With the 2006 release Zwischen Himmel und Erde, Klee returned to a more visceral rock sound, scoring a Top 20 German chart hit in the process. ~ Jason Ankeny

Cologne, Germany

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