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About King Ital Rebel

Kingston, Jamaica-born Donovan Miller spent his youth immersed in the culture and sounds of roots reggae. His grandmother took him to nyahbinghi gatherings and his father lived walking distance from the Creation Sound System, giving young Miller a passion for reggae music early on. While still in high school, he became more involved in the firsthand production of music, joining forces with a sound system in Manchester and cutting dubplates for dancehall and reggae acts such as Bushman, Spragga Benz, and Elephant Man. Moving to New York in 2007, Miller took on the name King Ital Rebel, forming his JamrockVybz label in 2010 and working as a booster and promoter for new reggae acts. He soon ventured into production for other acts and ultimately wrote his own material, with early singles surfacing in 2015. His debut album, Rebel Chant, was released in 2016 following a series of one-off singles. The February 2017 release Good Times was immediately followed the next month by his third studio album, Good Vybz. Both saw King Ital Rebel working hip-hop influences into his deeply traditional roots style.