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A master of the alternative healing arts, particularly relaxation, Kevin Kendle uses music to affect the moods of his listeners in positive ways, inspiring a sense of calmness and serenity. The English-born multi-instrumentalist has created scores for various British productions, ranging from theater to television, and has also recorded numerous albums for New World Music, a Colorado-based new age label, beginning with Clouds in November 1999. The album proved successful, and Kendle followed with a similar effort, Flowers, in 2001. In addition, he recorded relaxation-themed albums for New World -- Pure Peace (2000) and Pure Dreaming (2001) -- and also contributed a volume to the label's Mind-Body-Soul series, Tarot (2000). In 2002 New World issued Music for Yoga: Relaxing Yoga, a one-hour Kendle recording intended as a soundtrack to slow-flow or "liquid" yoga. ~ Jason Birchmeier