About keshi

With his dreamy mix of guitar-laced pop and lo-fi hip-hop, singer-songwriter keshi has cultivated a massive streaming audience.

• Keshi began playing guitar when he was 13. The first songs he wrote were heavily influenced by Ed Sheeran and John Mayer.
• He began uploading songs to SoundCloud while in college, using the stage name keshi—a childhood nickname—in order to remain anonymous.
• After racking up millions of streams with songs like 2017’s “over u” and “if you’re not the one for me who is,” keshi signed with Island Records in 2019.
• The title track of keshi’s 2019 EP skeletons details the anxiety he felt working full-time as a registered nurse while harboring dreams of making music. He eventually quit his job.
• Keshi documented his many life changes with the 2020 EP bandaids.

    Houston, TX
  • BORN
    November 4, 1994

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