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Singer/songwriter Kathy Moser wrote about traffic jams, lawn mowers, recovering substance abusers, and politics in her songs. After performing with Rich Volk and Beth Bachmann for two years in the band Wings Over Water, she concentrated on her solo career in 2001. Ironically enough, Moser's decision coincided with the release of Wings Over Water's 2001 CD, Get Used to It!
Songwriting, for Moser, revolved around getting in touch with her muse. Her songs offered an interesting array of musical styles, from folk and jazz to rock. She enjoyed singing three-part harmonies in Wings Over Water, but focused more attention on playing guitar in her solo career.
From 1996-2001, Moser supplemented her music career by teaching guitar, bass, drums, and songwriting privately in New Jersey. She started her solo career in 1989 at the Folk Project in Morristown, NJ, and at the Common Ground in Summit, NJ, before forming Wings Over Water. She also performed at the Sierra Club and Drew University. Her debut solo CD, Ride Horses, came out in 1993. An early version of Wings Over Water, including singers Alex Shipman and Maya Daniels, emerged in 1996 before personality clashes caused the group to disband a year later. Then, Moser returned to performing solo and began writing songs for Get Used to It!
Moser later met Volk and hired him to play lead guitar and percussion and sing background vocals in the band. He, in turn, introduced Moser to Bachmann, who shared lead and background vocals and played percussion on Get Used to It!
Moser, a native of Strafford, PA, grew up in a musical family and started playing guitar at age ten after her family moved to Summit, NJ. Her parents divorced a year later, providing some chaos and soul-searching in her life, so music became a way to cope.
Moser studied music at the University of Colorado and at Drew University before majoring in music, business, and technology and taking her bachelor's degree in science at New York University in 1987.
Moser found spiritual growth and direction in her personal life from performing music and writing songs. ~ Robert Hicks