Karen Dalton
Karen Dalton

Karen Dalton

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One of the earliest stars of the Greenwich Village folk scene of the 1960s, Karen Dalton was a personal favorite of the likes of Bob Dylan and Fred Neil. Her blend of traditional folk styles with blues, R&B, and jazz touches made Dalton something of an anomaly against the scene's relative orthodoxy, yet it was her distinctively cracked, Billie-Holliday-echoing voice that truly solidified her legend. She released only two albums in her lifetime, 1969's IT'S SO HARD TO TELL WHO'S GOING TO LOVE YOU BEST and 1971's IN MY OWN TIME, before vanishing from the music industry and descending into a life of tumult that finally ended in 1993.

    Bonham, TX
  • BORN
    July 19, 1937