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Seattle's Kane Hodder understand the formula that guides most contemporary screamo bands -- most notably the contrast of melodic singing versus shrieking vocals within the same angst-filled song. And with this understanding comes the ability for Kane Hodder to expand outside the genre's seemingly strict parameters, shatter expectations, and create a distinctive sound inherently their own. The group's stylistic versatility -- a dizzying blend of intense rock that draws from progressive and glam rock as much as post-hardcore and indie pop -- has had them sharing stages with a range of bands, including Pretty Girls Make Graves, MXPX, Phantom Planet, and These Arms Are Snakes. The fivesome consists of vocalist Andrew Moore, bassist Nick Cates, drummer Charley Potter, and guitarists Eric Christianson and Jeremy White. Kane Hodder had two releases in 2004: Frank Exploration of Voyeurism and Violence EP came out on Cowboy Versus Sailor and the full-length The Pleasure to Remain So Heartless appeared on Suburban Home. Kane Hodder became a part of the Fueled by Ramen family in 2005, and the label re-released their full-length with new artwork and a bonus DVD that April. White and Cates exited the group in spring 2006; the remaining members pushed forward and continued working on new material and playing shows. ~ Corey Apar

Seattle, WA

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