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Junior Boys

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A Hamilton, Canada-based electro-pop duo that combined the twitchy, rhythmic science of post-drum & bass dance with the melancholy synth-swept textures of New Romantic pop, Junior Boys was formed in the late ‘90s by singer Jeremy Greenspan and beat-maker Johnny Dark. After a slew of rejected demo recordings in the early ‘00s, the group were picked up by obscure U.K. indie KIN, who released their debut single, “Birthday.” Dark left soon after to start a solo project and, with the addition of engineer Matt Didemus, the JBs continued as a duo and released their critically-hailed debut LAST EXIT (2004). Follow-ups, SO THIS IS GOODBYE (2006) and BEGONE DULL CARE (2009), indicated a broader palette of influences and more confident songwriting, with Jeremy Greenspan’s buoyant falsetto increasingly taking the fore.

    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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