About Julissa

Latin pop singer Julissa is a contemporary Christian music (CCM) performer popular within the Spanish-speaking community, particularly within the United States. Born in Chicago of Puerto Rican lineage, Julissa began her professional singing career at age 16 when she joined the group Generación Escogida, through which she became associated with producer Mike Rivera. With Rivera as her longtime producer, musical director, and eventual husband, Julissa embarked upon a solo career, beginning with Regresará por Mí (1999). Subsequent albums include Nació en Mí Corazón (1999), En las Alas del Amor (2000), Admisión General (2002), Corazón Latino (2003), Duetos (2004), Desde el Principo (2005), Mi Propósito (2005), Inolvidable (2006), and El Ritmo de la Vida (2007). The release of El Ritmo de la Vida was accompanied by a book of the same name. By this point in time, Julissa had become a bona fide celebrity among the Spanish-speaking Christian community; she even had her own weekly Gospel Music Channel television show, Espíritu Latino. She was also the recipient of a growing list of accolades, including Dove Award nominations on behalf of the Gospel Music Association in the category of Best Spanish Album for Mi Propósito and El Ritmo de la Vida in 2006 and 2008, respectively. ~ Jason Birchmeier

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