JT Music


About JT Music

The nerdcore rap duo JT Music owe their sudden an unexpected success to a viral video they originally intended to be private. • Group members John “Pat” Gelardi and Christian “Skull” Ames grew up as neighbors in southern Maine. When Pat moved away, the two kept in touch through live gaming. • In 2009, Pat paired his video production skills with Skull’s musical abilities to create “The Greatest Ever,” their first spoof-style rap about the video game Halo 3. • Though only meant for friends and family, the public video for “The Greatest Ever” went viral in just two days, setting the stage for an unexpected music career. • Several successful songs later, Pat and Skull abandoned their film aspirations to pursue a joint career as JT Music. • The duo went on to produce weekly video game–themed raps and skits for more than 3.5 million subscribers. • In their first major effort to expand their brand, JT Music helped to organize and fund the 2019 Nerdcore Party Con.