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Florida rapper-producer Josh A earned himself a cult following of Gen Z fans who connect with his emotionally raw blend of hip-hop and alt-rock. • Already experienced with drums, bass, and guitar, Josh got into producing music in high school. After just a semester of college, he dropped out to pursue music full-time. • Josh made his debut in 2015 with Self Entitled—he wrote and produced every song on the 20-minute album. • He partnered with Alabama rapper iAmJakeHill for 2017’s “Nuketown,” a viral single about the famed multiplayer map in the video game Call of Duty. • Performing as their alter egos, Lil Revive and Lil Tra$h, Josh and Jake then released the four-track 2017 EP It’s Hot Down Here. • Before the end of 2017, the pair released their debut album, Better off Dead, under their original monikers. The album was led by the standout single “Suicidal Thoughts” and “It’s Everyday Bro,” a diss track directed at YouTuber Jake Paul. • In 2018, Josh released his solo debut mixtape as Lil Revive, Graveyard, a harrowing exploration of self-harm, suicidal ideation, and death. • Fearless, another Josh A project, arrived in 2019. Its lead single, “Pain,” exploded on TikTok, appearing in over 400,000 videos.

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