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Jonny Greenwood

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Best known as Radiohead's innovative jack-of-all-trades -- a multi-instrumentalist equally comfortable playing guitar, xylophone, sampler, or keyboards -- Jonny Greenwood also pursued a solo career as a composer while helping his band push the boundaries of their music into unusual and decidedly non-rock directions. After collecting multiple Grammy Awards for Best Alternative Music Album with Radiohead (1998's OK Computer, 2001's Kid A, 2009's In Rainbows) and penning celebrated scores for films such as There Will Be Blood (2007) and The Master (2012), Greenwood became an Oscar nominee with his rich, elegant orchestral music for 2017's Phantom Thread, his fourth feature-length collaboration with director Paul Thomas Anderson. In 2021 alone, Greenwood delivered very different chamber music scores for the Princess Diana study Spencer and the ranch-hand drama The Power of the Dog, as well as contributing to the soundtrack of Anderson's coming-of-age film Licorice Pizza.

    Oxford, England
  • BORN
    November 5, 1971

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