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Jonathan David Helser

Jonathan David Helser

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As one-half of Christian singer/songwriting duo Jonathan David & Melissa Helser, Jonathan David Helser was very proactive in spreading the message of his religion through music. Helser married Melissa Helser at an early age, and from then on the duo worked together to promote Christianity. Not only did they lead their own ministry in North Carolina, they also set up a youth worship school, 18-Inch Journey, and a creative collective called Cageless Birds. From 2007 onward, they were also prolific musicians; that same year they released two full-length albums, The Reward and Walk Through Walls, both of which featured lengthy worship songs. In 2011, they released an abridged compilation of their two previous albums, Long Story Short, which featured edited and remastered tracks. The following year they returned with two more records, On the Shores and Endless Ocean, which once again featured original recordings. In 2014, they joined the growing Christian rock conglomerate Bethel Music. Through their new collective they released their 2016 album Beautiful Surrender. ~ Liam Martin

    North Carolina
  • BORN
    September 6, 1978

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