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A London-based DJ and producer who’s delivered a steady stream of hit tracks and remixes since the mid-2010s, Jonas Blue knows how to give a dance floor all the joy and energy it needs. Yet he leaves room for some wistful feelings out there in the dark, too. The best proof of that is his thrilling yet poignant revamp of Tracy Chapman’s folk-pop classic “Fast Car”, a collaboration with singer Dakota that became a worldwide hit in 2015. The club and radio favourite also propelled Blue—born Jonas James Robin in Chelmsford in 1989—into the top tier of the dance-music world. On hits like 2017’s “Mama” (with William Singe) and his 2018 debut album Blue, the busy producer developed a signature style of pop, tropical house and EDM that was reliably light and summery yet also contained the emotional undercurrents that made his update of “Fast Car” so surprising and special. They’re certainly present in “Younger”, a 2019 single full of nostalgic feelings for times long past. As Blue told Apple Music, exploring some of those deeper sentiments while giving them a positive spin is “what my music’s all about.”

    London, England
  • BORN
    August 2, 1989

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